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Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos get deepfaked into Star Trek

By Anthony Garreffa | Feb 20, 2020 06:14 pm CST

The world of deepfake videos is getting scarily real, with one of my favorites being Avengers stars Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr being deepfaked into Back to the Future -- as well as Neo and Agent Smith from The Matrix being deepfaked into Office Space. But look what we have here:

Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk alongside Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos have been deepfaked into the original Star Trek, into the pilot episode 'The Cage'. Musk plays Captain Christopher Pike, who was the captain of the USS Enterprise before the legendary James T. Kirk -- while Bezos is deepfaked onto a Talosian alien with a gigantic bald head, which he kinda suits.

In this episode of Star Trek, the Talosian aliens capture Pike and enslave him where he'll be used to breed humans and rebuild a destroyed society. In the episode, Pike attempts to escape which leads the Talosians to come to the conclusion that humans resisting to captivity won't make them a good species to rebuild a destroyed society.

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Uncharted Movie has no director, but filming will begin anyway

By Jak Connor | Feb 19, 2020 03:45 am CST

The upcoming Uncharted Movie has experienced several directors leaving, and at the moment, the film doesn't have an officially announced director, but it will begin filming anyway.

Star of the upcoming Uncharted Movie, Tom Holland spoke to IGN and revealed some details about the delayed movie. According to Holland, the movie will begin filming in the next four weeks, which slates it for sometime in March. Holland also mentions that the stunt team has already begun planning action sequences for shooting in Berlin.

Holland also teases that the movie will portray a young Nathan Drake that will give a fresh take on the character. The movie will also take heavy inspiration from the extremely successful game franchise, but more specifically, the last game -- Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Here's a quote from Holland, "We didn't get to meet [Drake] all that much when he was younger," he said. "But it's a pretty awesome movie. It's global. We travel the world. We see some amazing place. And Mark Wahlberg and I are going to have a great summer together."

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Netflix's 'The Witcher' is still the no.1 series in the entire world

By Jak Connor | Feb 19, 2020 02:11 am CST

The Witcher TV show was undoubtedly a massive success for Netflix, but is that success still going even into the new year?


In short, yes, yes, it is. According to BusinessInsider, who received some more statistics from data firm Parrot Analytics, in regards to how the show was doing from January 14th to February 12th, The Witcher is still the most in-demand series globally across all platforms. The Witcher has remained the most in-demand show since it took first place from Disney Plus' 'The Mandalorian'.

So how did Parrot Analytics come to this conclusion? Well, they measure viewership, demand expressions, engagement, and the impact of the show. Netflix really wants to keep that ball rolling, so they have already greenlit season two of The Witcher, more on that can be found here. If you are after anymore Witcher news, check out this link here.

Neo takes the blue pill in The Matrix, deepfaked into Office Space

By Anthony Garreffa | Feb 18, 2020 07:11 pm CST

I would have to say that this deepfake video of Keanu Reeves and Hugo Weaving being inserted from The Matrix and being deepfaked into Office Space is one of my favorites so far. Check it out:

YouTuber Ctrl Shift Face worked with Chris Ume did some great work seeing Neo take the blue pill in The Matrix, which saw him inserted back into the fake reality and not taking the red pill coming into the real-world. Neo wakes back up in his crappy life, but instead he is now deepfaked into Office Space.

Neo -- or I guess in this case since he never came out of The Matrix, Mr. Anderson, hangs up on Morpheus and goes back to his job but in the end he hates his life so much he jumps off the roof killing himself... but it's done beautifully using a scene from The Matrix. Amazing work, something I seriously want to see more of.

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Amazon LOTR TV show writer asks public to stop sending audition tapes

By Jak Connor | Feb 18, 2020 02:08 am CST

Amazon is working hard of their Lord of the Rings TV show, and with writing and production getting fully underway, the public are asking for roles in the massive show.

A writer for Amazon's Lord of the Rings TV show, Glenise Mullins, has taken to her personal Twitter account to ask the public to stop sending in audition videos. She says, "I have nothing to do with the casting of Lord of the Rings on Prime." She also states, "Please stop sending me audition tapes. I'm sure they're great and I trust you're super talented. And I really do understand your passion, but again... I'm not involved in the casting."

It also doesn't seem Mullins is alone in receiving a lot of the public audition videos. Fellow Lord of the Rings writer, Gennifer Hutchison posted onto Mullins' thread saying, "Yeeeaaaahhhhhh", suggesting she was also experiencing the same thing. Just yesterday, I reported about a stunt actress that got injured will filming the Lord of the Rings TV show, check out that story here. The cast has been revealed for Amazon's show, and if you haven't seen it check it out here.

Netflix Diablo TV show is anime-style, Overwatch TV show is a cartoon

By Jak Connor | Feb 18, 2020 12:33 am CST

Back in late September in 2018, BOOM! Studios Co-founder and writer Andrew Cosby was reportedly in final talks about a possible Diablo TV show, and now we can basically confirm it.


According to the Linkedln profile of Nick van Dyk, co-president of Activision Blizzard Studios, both Diablo and Overwatch will be getting TV shows. Dyk's description of his current position at Activision says, "Executive producer of Diablo, a TV adaptation of Blizzard Entertainment's IP, rendered in anime style. The show is currently in pre-production for distribution worldwide through Netflix."

The important things to note out of that sentence is that Diablo's TV show will be for Netflix, and is "anime style". This makes me think that the Diablo show will look a lot like Netflix's already popular Castlevania TV show. Moving on to Overwatch now, here's what Dyk says, "With my creative partner, developed and sold an animated series based Blizzard's Overwatch franchise."

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Lord of the Rings TV show stunt actor endures head gash while on set

By Jak Connor | Feb 17, 2020 03:18 am CST

Amazon is currently shooting their massive Lord of the Rings TV show, and unfortunately, while production was originally going smoothly, mistakes do happen out of the blue.


The New Zealand Herald has reported that a stunt performer has sustained a head injury while on set, and was later taken to hospital to be examined. The stunt performer was Australian actress Elissa Cadwell, who also did stunt roles for Nicole Kidman in Aquaman.

Amazon has since commented on the matter, saying, "While rehearsing a stunt on set, one of our talented stuntpersons was injured and sustained a cut on her head. She was immediately transported to a hospital, where she was seen by a specialist and went home to recover shortly after. We are happy to report she is doing well and we plan to have her back at work soon. The health and safety of our cast and crew is our top priority, and we are reviewing the accident to ensure we are maintaining the highest levels of safety on our production."

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Sonic the Hedgehog movie breaks video game movie records

By Anthony Garreffa | Feb 16, 2020 10:27 pm CST

Sonic the Hedgehog had its fair share of issues with its first trailer, but the production team and director were quick off the mark taking in all the criticism and fixing it up before release -- so much so that the Sonic the Hedgehog movie has broken records for a video game movie debut.

Sonic the Hedgehog pulled in $57 million over its 3-day opening weekend, a $2.7 million increase over the $54.3 million opening weekend of Detective Pikachu. Its 4-day US box office haul sits at $68 million, while global box office numbers for Sonic the Hedgehog have surpassed $100 million -- not bad for the SEGA front man.

Jim Carrey is one of the stars of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, with his own record to enjoy -- his second-best 3-day debut, bested by Bruce Almighty with $67.9 million back in 2003. As for Sonic, the character has grossed over $5 billion in game sales, has multiple animated TV shows, mobile games, and so much more since his debut in 1991.

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Matrix 4's death-defying stunts spotted in San Francisco

By Derek Strickland | Feb 16, 2020 03:16 pm CST

Principal shooting for The Matrix 4 has begun in San Francisco, and now we have a glimpse at the crazy skyscraper-leaping stunts that'll return for the sequel.

The Matrix wouldn't be the same if people weren't jumping off of buildings and risking their lives for impressive scenes. A bystander recently captured The Matrix 4's stunt shooting in San Fran, showing cable-assisted leaps of faith off of skyscrapers. It looks like Neo and Trinity are doing the stunt, and Trinity may now be able to fly in the movie--unless it's just part of resetting the cable rigging.

We can't tell if its Keanu himself performing the stunts (probably so), but the actor has been recently spotted in San Francisco recording other scenes for the movie.

The sequel is expected to release in May 2021 on the same day as John Wick 4.

Some actors like Hugo Weaving aren't returning to reprise iconic roles. Lana Wachowski is currently assisting in writing and directing the film, and Keanu Reeves recently said the script is quite ambitious.

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Subway tweets Zack Snyder about a Justice League sandwich

By Anthony Garreffa | Feb 15, 2020 10:48 pm CST

I have been a part of the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement since day one, after WB completely screwed over the best director in the DCEU -- Zack Snyder, after his daughter tragically took her own life when he was working on Justice League.


But ever since the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement took more and more momentum, the removed director of Justice League has seen his fan base take things to the next level. Every few weeks Snyder releases a new part of his version of Justice League, leading up to 14/2 or 214 -- a reference to the 214-minute cut of Justice League.

WB directed The Avengers director Joss Whedon, who replaced Snyder towards the end of Justice League's production, to force the move under two hours -- so Whedon re-shot a bunch of Justice League and chopped the movie down to 119 minutes -- 1 minute under 2 hours. The 214 reference has been huge on February 14 or Valentine's Day, or to us Snyder Cut fans -- 214 day. To celebrate, Snyder released a new photo of The Flash using his Speed Force.

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