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Godzilla granted Japanese citizenship

He's destroyed Tokyo more times than can be counted, but now he's also serving as their tourism mascot
By: Ben Gourlay | Celebrities & Entertainment News | Posted: Jun 4, 2015 5:24 am

Since 1954, Godzilla, or (ゴジラ 'Gojira' as he is known in the East) has been stomping his way across Tokyo, and the world tapping into citizens fears about the threat of nuclear weaponry and also raising the profile of Japan. Now instead of fearing him, the country has decided to embrace him as the cultural icon he is.



According to Time, the Shinjuku prefecture in Tokyo has granted Godzilla honorary citizenship, with the character's birth date listed as April 9, 1954 - the day 'Gojira' premiered in Tokyo. While 'Godzilla's' days of destruction aren't over, with more Hollywood and Japanese entries on the way, it seems that the Japanese people are a little less scared of him these days.




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