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Minh Nguyen, technology entrepreneur charged with murder

By: Chris Smith | More News: Health, Lifestyle & Travel | Posted: Jan 21, 2015 2:03 am

Minh Nguyen, 38, co-founded the social networking platform Plaxo with his partner Sean Parker. Recently finding himself in jail, Nguyen has been charged with allegedly shooting his ex-wife's new husband, Corey Mattison, in their home.




Two children were in the Ashburn, Virginia residence on the night of January 15 when Nguyen allegedly visited and murdered Mattison. Shortly after Nguyen's arrival, his ex-wife Denise Mattison and another child returned home while an incident was unfolding, no other injuries have taken place. Neighbors of the deceased believe that this altercation came about due to months of conflict over child custody and visitation issues.


Mrs. Mattison took to Facebook in order to spread her story around the world, creating the In Memory of Corey Mattison, My Hero public page, in which she states that "I watched my husband lure a gunman out of the house ... he sacrificed his life to save me and to put an end to the emotional turmoil my children and I endured."

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Logic wins again - London venues are banning selfie sticks

By: Chris Smith | More News: Health, Lifestyle & Travel | Posted: Jan 19, 2015 1:03 pm

Leading concert venues in London have started to ban selfie sticks due to issues regarding blocking views of stages and the possibility of injury toward other patrons.




You're not allowed to take in an extendable baton into festivals, concerts or gigs, so it makes perfect sense that selfie sticks have been barred from entry. This news comes amid reports of some injuries taking place thanks to selfie sticks being used in packed crowds, alongside many complaints that any large sized phone, like an iPhone 6 Plus, will easily block the view of any spectators.


O2 arena has joined the banned-wagon (no pun intended), with a spokesman stating in an interview to that "the O2 do not allow selfie sticks into the arena due to safety considerations. We welcome selfies, but please leave the stick at home", and a representative for Wembley Arena adds, "The sticks might mean you are refused entry to the venue so our advice is don't bring them and stick with the tried and tested use of an arm." This is followed by a spokesman for Brixton Academy adding "selfie sticks are not permitted at Academy Music Group venues. This is in keeping with our existing policy that prohibits the filming and photography during a performance with iPads and other tablet devices and includes any such obstructions for the satisfaction of other customers."

Worried about germs? Your phone is ridden with them, apparently

By: Chris Smith | More News: Health, Lifestyle & Travel | Posted: Jan 16, 2015 10:00 pm

Students from the University of Surrey used Petri dishes to test how much bacteria really is on our beloved smartphones - the results may shock you a little. Now, before you take a bottle of bleach to everything you own, remember that germs are normal and are contained amongst almost everything in this world.




These studies show that a good deal of bacteria is housed around our phones 'home' buttons, said to range from our own to friends, family and acquaintances germs all rolled into one. There isn't really anything harmful found here, but some disease-carrying bacteria such as the Staphylococcus aureus has been previously discovered in similar studies.


Dr Simon Park is Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biology and is the man behind this annual study, he stated that "as part of a course called Practical and Biomedical Bacteriology, an undergraduate module that I run, I get the students to imprint their mobile phones onto bacteriological growth Petri dishes so that we might determine what they might carry. It's unusual but very effective way of engaging our students with the often overlooked microbiology of everyday life." He further went on to comment that our phones store ours and others bacteria, just like they store phone numbers.

Who needs the ice dispenser - GE offers a Keurig Coffee machine

By: Chris Smith | More News: Health, Lifestyle & Travel | Posted: Jan 16, 2015 10:23 am

GE Appliances has teamed up with Keurig to offer you something a little different from your normal household fridge. For a cool $3,300 you can score yourself a fridge that not only contains the useful cold water function, but a fully operational Keurig coffee machine installed in the door.




Hitting the headlines late last year, Keurig made a move to block third-party coffee pods from working in their machines, seeing modders and hackers flock to the cause and eventually rectifying this without too much effort.


This awesome advancement allows you to combine a few devices in one, with the coffee machine now becoming arguably almost mandatory in any new-age home. Gone are the days of instant coffee ruling the world, one Sunday church session at a time - make way for the age of semi-barista quality coffee available straight out of your home.

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EU courts banish last-minute flight booking fees

By: Chris Smith | More News: Health, Lifestyle & Travel | Posted: Jan 16, 2015 9:36 am

According to a new ruling by the EU court, European flight booking websites must display the total cost of booking immediately as the booking process begins. This is due to most companies waiting to display additional charges and fees until the last page of the process.




The ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) applies not only to a flight you might be in the process of booking, but all flights in relation to it also. This news comes as a addition to the 2008 EU regulation stating "that airlines show the final price to be paid at all times, including taxes, charges, surcharges and other fees. The rules apply to any form of published pricing, including on the Internet," as reported by PC World.


Multiple airlines have ignored or bypassed these hidden charge laws, seeing the German Federation of German Consumer Organizations (VZBV) take on a legal battle with Air Berlin, promoting this initial law to be put in place.

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Australian airline Qantas named 'world's safest'

By: Ben Gourlay | More News: Health, Lifestyle & Travel | Posted: Jan 7, 2015 12:49 am

In a year which saw two high profile air incidents, with the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH-370 and the downing of MH-17 over the Ukrainian warzone and which saw fatal air accidents soar above the 10-year average, consumer safety website Airline Ratings has awarded Australian airline Qantas as the world's safest.




Founded in 1920, Qantas; an acronym for 'Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services' enjoys a 65 percent share of the Australian domestic market and carries nearly 20 percent of all passengers travelling in and out of Australia. The company is famous for never suffering a fatal jet airliner accident, a fact immortalised in the exchange between Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman in the 1988 drama "Rain Man".

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Ebola patient zero traced back to contact with bats

By: Ben Gourlay | More News: Health, Lifestyle & Travel | Posted: Dec 31, 2014 1:00 am

According to a BBC report, scientists tracing this years deadly Ebola virus outbreak have found a correlation between patient zero; two year old Emile Ouamouno and a colony of bats in Guinea.




During their four-week field trip in April 2014, Dr Fabian Leendertz and his colleagues found a large tree stump located close to the boys home. Now, Leendertz believes that the reeds and oil palm cultivations nearby attracted the bats, whose droppings likely infected Emile as he played in the hollow tree. On the release of his report, Dr Leendertz said "The Ebola virus must jump through colonies from bat to bat, so we need to know more."


The World Health Organisation believes that the 2014 outbreak claimed the lives of nearly 8,000 people worldwide, with the majority of victims coming from Liberia.

Adidas releases new Star Wars sneakers

By: Chris Smith | More News: Health, Lifestyle & Travel | Posted: Dec 29, 2014 1:34 pm

Feeling the itch for some Star Wars merchandise, or simply feeling the need to be a kid again? Thanks to the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Disney have pumped out some new kicks with the help of Adidas.




Is it socially acceptable for an adult to wear these? Who cares. These flashy looking sneakers are designed in Darth Vader and Yoda designs, but there's one massive catch - they're announced to be coming out in kids sizes.




We can't wait to see if an adult version will be hitting the shelves, our fake Darth Vader slippers just aren't enough. This new range will come out some time in 2015 and there hasn't been a price currently announced. You can certainly expect these to become massive collectors items, with Adidas claiming to be working on Star Wars track pants to suit.

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Sony going to court over unauthorized use of song in 'The Interview'

By: Chris Smith | More News: Health, Lifestyle & Travel | Posted: Dec 29, 2014 11:33 am

Yoon Mi Rae has decided to play hardball, taking Sony to court over their partial use of her song "Pay Day" in the latest Sony Pictures flick, The Interview.




The musician isn't happy, with various media outlets pointing out that Sony Pictures has been very on-the-ball in dragging other companies and people before the court in Intellectual Property cases, however it seems that they are the guilty ones in this instance.


Yoon Mi Rae's label has publicly announced that "here were initial discussions for using 'Pay Day' in the movie, but at some point, the discussions ceased and we assumed that it would not follow through," further stating "however, after the movie was released, we learned that the track had been used without permission, legal procedure, or contracts."

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New-age Lord of the Rings Sauron tower is set for construction

By: Chris Smith | More News: Health, Lifestyle & Travel | Posted: Dec 28, 2014 11:52 am

Named the Al Noor Tower, this Sauron tower look-alike is to be constructed in Africa and will be identical to one already placed in Casablanca, Morocco.




Planned be the tallest building in Africa, this 1771-foot project is taken on board by Sheikh Tarek M. bin Laden and designed by French architects Valode et Pistre. Although not officially listed as a Sauron-replica and obviously missing the massive firery eye at its peak, this tower sure does look similar.

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